Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Tennis Shoes

Best Tennis ShoesThe sport tennis is a popular one! It requires a lot of movement and the right shoes can make you perform at your optimum rate. However, there is a lot of things to consider when shopping for the best tennis shoes and here they are.

Quick Reviews of Top 5 Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men’s Adipower Barricade Team 3

Adidas AdiPower Barricade Team 3 ReviewThe Adidas® Men’s Adipower Barricade Team 3 was highly anticipated in the tennis industry because of its updated technology. Basically, this has sleeker design than the old versions. It is fully bonded and seamless. It has a leather upper which is perforated and is also very breathable and light. It has redesigned barricade claws which have flex grooves which makes the shoe very flexible. In addition to that, there are 2 pivot points in the sole that make it possible for a 360 degree turn. This is needed by tennis players because you never know where the ball goes. The EXTENDED TORSION allows adaptive forefoot and midfoot support to reduce injuries. There is also a heel stabilizer. AdiPRENE in the heel and toe makes it possible for optimum shock absorption. The cushion technology in the heel and forefoot gives great comfort. The EVA insole also gives a lot of comfort. It’s really safe to say that the Adidas Men’s Adipower Barricade Team 3 is one of the most comfortable tennis shoes out there. It has a snug fit and good arch support and the outsole has a 6 month guarantee!

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe ReviewASICS® is one of the most popular tennis shoes and it just got better! The overall performance of this shoe is just outstanding. There is a rear foot and fore foot GEL® cushioning system that attenuates shock during impacts and allows smooth transitions. An impact guide system for enhancing the foot’s natural gait is also installed. The toe box snug perfectly and has a PGUARD® toe protector. You will feel very close to the ground but you should know that there is still enough cushioning. There are 2 layers of memory foam to create a more personalized heel fit. The Solyte® midsole make the shoe super lightweight and enhance the cushioning even more. The Trusstic System® reduces the weight of the sole unit while maintaining structural integrity. ASICS ®high abrasion rubber makes the outsole durable in its most critical areas. This outsole is enhanced for better play on the hard courts! Flexion Fit® is the proprietary upper that provides form fitting comfort without sacrificing the support you will need. This upper is now softer and better and it fits perfectly right out of the box! Overall, this shoe form ASICS® is a lot more responsive and faster than the other ones. It also has a 6 month outsole guarantee.

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Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour ReviewThis Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour was designed by the legendary shoe genius Tinker Hatfield who also designed many Jordan Shoes. He definitely nailed this one again. It is supremely comfortable and light weight. The Lace system grabs the foot perfectly. This lace system allows you to customize each section of the upper in order to fit on your feet perfectly. It can lock the foot making you light and fast. The fit fame on the heel also locks the foot and eliminates any danger of tipping up. The XDR® durable rubber compound from Nike makes the outsole possible for just enough traction needed for tennis. The entire grip you need is there. The mid foot and fore foot area as super breathable but the front and toe box are not so much. Lunarlon cushioning features soft and supportive foam and extra ultra plush cushioning makes the shoe dynamically comfortable.

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New Balance Men’s MC696 Lightweight Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men’s MC696 Lightweight Tennis Shoe ReviewThe new 696 is an awesome one by New Balance®. This is possible for court game time and even training because it won’t wear out easily. The New Balance Abzorb® technology is in the midsole and offers a lot of comfort even if you use the shoe all throughout the day. The upper is leather and has plenty of support and stability. The outsole is non marking NDurance® outsole with a herringbone pattern which gives perfect durability and awesome traction. The fit is true to size and there is no need for break ins. The toe box is roomy. This also has a great outsole warranty.

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Babolat Propulse 3

Babolat Propulse 3 ReviewThis is Andy Roddick’s signature shoe and promises high performance. Here are 5 technologies featured in just one shoe. EXACT® shoe Propulser is included for efficient footwork. Michelin® enables great performance. OCS® is added for traction and durability that is perfect for tennis. The Kompressor System® for long lasting heel and cushion support. TPR tubes are present for energy dispersion and shock absorption moreover, great dynamism. There is high performance heel cushioning system. Eastern Your Foot Belt® is used for this shoe for foot support and customized fit. Cell Shield® is there for durability and softness. Over all, this gives a fast feel for elite players and ultimate performance.

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How To Shop For The Best Tennis Shoes

  • Consider the Players Type of Feet

There are different kinds of players in tennis when it comes to their type of feet. Basically, there are three types being the Pronated, Neutral and Supinated.

Players with pronated feet basically carry the weight of the whole body in the inside part of the foot. A big population of athletes, up to 60%, has pronated feet and are encouraged to wear tennis shoes that have extra padding on the sole in order to support the inside of the foot.

Players with supinated feet carry the weight of the body on the outside of the foot and tend to wear out shoes faster than people with pronated feet. They need to choose tennis shoes with lateral and ankle support and those that have high quality soles.

Players with neutral feet are able to distribute their weight all throughout the feet and may wear any kind of tennis shoes as long as it provides right support and they are comfortable with it.

  • Consider the Type of Court Surface

There are different kinds of tennis courts and your feet receive different kinds of impact for each surface. There are basically three kinds of surfaces being the clay, concrete and grass.

Clay courts are very soft and absorb impact however do not give out great traction. Any shoe is great for clay courts so as long as it has stride.

Grass courts are very uneven and have minimal traction but grass absorbs impact real good. The best tennis shoes for grass courts are those with lateral and ankle support because the lack of traction could easily cause injuries in those areas.

Concrete courts are hard and do not absorb impact but has high traction thus it could be really hard on the joints and feet so some extra padding would really help.

  • Consider the Style of Playing

There are basically two kinds of play when it comes to tennis. There is the serve and volley and then baseline.

A baseline player is someone who stays at the back of the court and moves from side to side a lot thus, there is an increased need for lateral support.

A serve and volley player stays in the middle of the court and charges the net and is using his toes and heels for playing thus, shoes with a good toe cap and a durable sole is most ideal.

Basically, those are the things that you need to consider the most when it comes to shopping for the best shoes for tennis. But of course, to make this task easier for you, here is the top 5 list of our best shoes for tennis.


Overall, there these shoes give the best support and traction for tennis players. One thing that best tennis shoes have in common is that they are super comfortable because tennis requires very fast feet movement. It is very important to invest on great shoes for tennis to make sure that you stay safe while on the court.

Prince 03 Silver OS Prestrung Tennis Racquet Review

Prince O3 Silver OS Prestrung Tennis Racquet ReviewIn a market that is abundant in terms of choices, Prince 03 Silver OS prestrung tennis racquet has found its niche in many ways. If price is your essential consideration, this might not be the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay a little more to enjoy premium quality from tennis racquets, there is no doubt that this is going to be an option that is sure to provide you with a high level of satisfaction. In many ways, this racquet can make you a better tennis player.

Main Product Features

  • O3 Speedport Technology: This innovative feature is basically the one that is responsible for the provision of up to 24% more aerodynamics compared to competing models. With the enhancement in its aerodynamics, some of the benefits that can be anticipated include improved precision, power, and spin in every stroke that is made. The same technology makes it possible for you to achieve as much as 59% increase in sweet spot size.
  • Tungsten Triple Threat: This racquet is integrated with carbon, woven titanium, and copper. Being strategically placed in the different areas of the racquet, you can anticipate better sweet spot without causing strain on the arm. Additionally, being a material that is commonly used in the production of missiles, tungsten offers the benefit of unmatched durability.
  • Prestrung Construction: Stringing of a racquet can prove to be a complicated task, especially for beginners. Fortunately, this model comes with factory stringing, which lessens the effort that will be required on you part. You can have it restrung if preferred.
  • Lightweight: By being light, this racquet will allow you to move with ease and with precision. Heavier racquets can prove to be harder to control, apart from the fact that it can cause strain because of its weight. This model is sure to deliver the highest level of comfort since it is light. Its weight, however, does not sacrifice its power. You can still expect its ability to deliver exceptional performance.

What People Liked

  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Oversized
  • Very maneuverable

What People Disliked

  • Expensive price
  • Factory string can break easily

Who Should Buy

I highly recommend this racquet for people who have the budget to spare, basically because it belongs to the higher end of the market. This is also a frequently suggested model for serious tennis players who wouldn’t settle for less. If you often let out compact swings and if you value the maneuverability of the racquet, you will have another good reason to have this model considered above other choices.

This highly-awarded and widely-recognized tennis racquet is sure to provide the worth of every dollar spent. With the serious performance that it can deliver, you can be confident that this model will be able to unleash your skills in the court. For sure, you will be at the envy of your friends, while they do not know that your secret actually lies on the racquet that you are using.

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